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NDIS House & Yard Assistance

NDIS House & Yard Assistance

At Correlate Connections we have a team of maintenance workers that can with NDIS house and yard assistance and complete the following:

• Clean on top of cleaning gutters or trimming hedges
• Window cleaning
• Replacing tap washers
• Replacing smoke alarm batteries
• Adjusting dropped gates or planing uneven doors
• Connecting sprinkler systems
• Mow your lawns
• Prune, clip and weed
• Mulch, feed and water plants
• Remove green waste

We offer the services and can get quite booked as we do a fabulous job on your garden and home needs so we ask you book in advance, a regular occurring service to ensure you always have you home looking the way you want to. We also require a minimum 2 hours per service to ensure we are completing your needs and requirements and if the job need longer then 2 hours we will stay and complete the job to ensure your satisfied.

NDIS House & Yard Assistance and Maintenance Campbelltown Sydney

Want to know more?

Reach out to us at (02) 4607 2697 or