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Aged Care Services

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Aged Care Services

Correlate Connection, as a trusted NDIS service provider, is committed to delivering comprehensive aged care services that prioritize the well-being and independence of individuals. Our dedicated support workers go above and beyond to offer a range of essential services, including:

Community Access: Ensuring that individuals can actively engage in social and recreational activities.

Medical Appointments: Assisting with transportation and logistics to ensure timely and stress-free attendance at medical appointments.

Self-Care: Providing personalised assistance to help individuals maintain their personal hygiene and overall well-being with dignity and autonomy.

Social Support: Fostering meaningful social connections to enhance the mental and emotional well-being of individuals.

Shopping Support: Assisting with shopping endeavours, ensuring access to essential goods and promoting independence.

In-Home Self-Care: Offering support within the comfort of individuals’ homes, tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

Domestic Assistance: Helping with household tasks to create a safe and comfortable living environment.

Correlate Connection strives to enhance the overall quality of life for those under our care by creating a supportive and empowering environment.

Through our Centre Based Activities, we foster socialization while providing a range of capacity-building activities that can be facilitated by our workers or self-directed by the participants themselves. Whether engaging in independent activities within our space, participating in guided workshops, or a combination of both, all individuals are welcome to join and benefit from the program.

We create an inclusive environment where learning, friendship, growth, and fun thrive simultaneously. It is our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to experience a sense of belonging and enjoyment within our program – and daily living.

Located in Campbelltown, Sydney, Correlate Connections offer group day program services for all participants. Continuing on our proven track record of providing excellent professional care, our day group programs help you reach your life goals – and have fun while doing it!


Group Day Program Services

Correlate Connections provides the following Group Day Program services:

Employment Assistance

Day Outings

Fitness & Sports

Excercise, Zumba, Yoga


Technology Upskilling

Arts & Crafts

Indoor Leisure

Fun for everyone!

Check out our Group Day Program Setups

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