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After School Care

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After School Care Services

At Correlate Connections we pride ourselves on supporting our clients in the Gold Coast area and surrounding suburbs with After School Care.

Correlate Connections After School Care is a new program run by the experienced team on the Gold Coast.

The after-school service employs suitably qualified Coordinators and Child Educators to provide daily care for children during after school hours. Our primary goal is to support local families in the Gold Coast region and ensure that children enjoy a nurturing and fun experience whilst in our care inside a safe and friendly environment.

We offer a diverse range of activities during our services because we know that every child’s idea of fun is different, including:

  • Arts & crafts
  • Dress up Activities
  • Board games
  • Music & dance parties
  • Group type games
  • Outdoor & playground activities

If you would like to take up this service offered by Correlate Connections get in touch with us today. We’d love to support you and provide a fun and safe environment for your children and take care of them after school.

Benefits of After School Care

The After School Service can carry a variety of benefits for your children. Apart from creating a sense of belonging when interacting with others, it can also improve their social skills. We provide academic support as well as many ways to make learning more fun. Your children will experience a sense of safety and our supervision will ensure they are not engaging in any risky behaviour. Finally, it can build confidence in your child and also provide a space where they can learn about new skills through arts & crafts, dancing and group games.

Looking for School Vacation Care in the Gold Coast area? Taking bookings now for all services!

Contact Crystal on 1300 636 224 for more information.