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NDIS Support Coordination


NDIS Support Coordination

At Correlate Connections, we offer Coordination of Supports which is a specific NDIS funded service to help you understand your NDIS planning in the Gold Coast. NDIS Support Coordination will make your life easier. Our highly experienced support coordinators in the Gold Coast offer a tailored approach to this service and the NDIS funds.

We train our support coordinators on the Gold Coast in depth to ensure they know the “in’s and outs” of the NDIS and how they can maximise your NDIS funding to meet your needs and reach your goals. Our director has many years of knowledge of the NDIS and takes pride in giving our participants nothing, but the best advice and support.

NDIS Support Coordination - Provider in Campbelltown NSW

Gold Coast NDIS Support Coordination.

Correlate Connections in the Gold Coast takes the time to understand your personal goals to ensure we can offer you quality NDIS support coordination and specialist planning services.

Our goal with our specialist support coordination services is to match you to the most appropriate NDIS specialist support coordinator, and to ensure you have the most effective partner to work alongside you to achieve your NDIS goals.

The difference between a Support Coordinator and a specialist NDIS Support Coordinator?​

A support coordinator and a specialist support coordinator function in a comparable way but they look after different NDIS categories of support. While support coordinators will help in planning and implementing your capacity building programs, in-home supports and community inclusion programs, specialist support coordinators will help when you have additional or more complex needs that can be funded through the NDIS. Some of these needs may include:

Correlate Connections in the Gold Coast can manage and facilitate both regular NDIS support coordination and NDIS specialist support coordination, depending on what’s right for your situation.

NDIS Support Coordination - Provider in Campbelltown NSW2


Supporting the following coordination services

We support you with the following:
  • Understanding the NDIS line items, rates and services that can be offered within your NDIS plan
  • Arrange and put services in place for you, always giving you choice and control and ensuring you’re at the center of the decision making process.
  • Stay in touch regularly to ensure there are no issues with services
  • Advise you on your rights and responsibilities as a NDIS participant
  • Advocate for you when required
  • Ensure you are learning every step of the way so that you will not need us long term
  • Budget your NDIS funding to last the full year
  • Complete change of circumstances to the NDIS
  • Complete external reviews, if inadequate funding was received
  • Complete complex reports (usually) every 3, 6 and 12 months to support your NDIS funding being continued
  • An NDIS support coordinator works with you to manage service delivery tasks, maintain relationships and live more independently
  • Specialist support for people with complex situations and need specialist support

Why Us for Support Coordination Services?

We understand that you may not have been granted a high amount of support coordination from the NDIS as we can still support you for the duration of your plan and ensure the funding does not cease before your next plan review.

We also offer NDIS consultations for participants that do not have support coordination, but feel they need additional support.

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