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NDIS Speech Therapy


NDIS Speech Therapy

We have community based speech therapists recognised by NDIS who specialise in treating individuals of all ages.

Our NDIS speech therapy team here at Correlate Connections, can complete home based participant assessments and produce comprehensive reports for applicants applying to become a participant or already on the NDIS scheme to support continuation of funding.

These comprehensive reports will help identify support needs necessary to make progress on goals and aspirations and prepare applicants to meet the access requirements required by the NDIA. These reports include assessment on capacity and goal setting to undertake any of the following activities:
• Communication
• speech language
• fluency
• stuttering
• voice
• difficulty eating
• difficulty drinking;
• and swallowing safely (dysphagia).

These communication and swallowing difficulties can have various causes, including congenital or development problems, disability, illness, hearing loss, emotional or physical trauma.

We offer ndis speech therapy service on a community based level and come to your home to best support your needs.

Our Speech pathologists collaborate closely with our participants, their families and carers to provide a comprehensive assessment of their communication and swallowing requirements and identify the best course of action.

How does our NDIS Speech Therapy Work?

Speech Therapists can identify and provide aid in most speech and communication disorders. With evidence-based practices, our professionals can help you overcome the communication barriers irrespective of the disorder.

Each disorder is different. Our therapists understand this and devise a customised plan for every patient specific to their individual requirements. All exercises and activities are planned accordingly.

Exercises include problem solving, memory and organisation, conversational tactics, breathing exercises, etc. These may vary for different age groups and disorders. Our speech therapists also use the latest technology approved by NDIS to ensure the best experience. 

For patients with limited speech or no speech, they work on strategizing other useful methods. For instance, sign language or gestures, customised charts, or electronic resources such as iPads.


Want to find out more?

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The ability to express ideas, thoughts and feelings verbally and vocally is something that most of us take for granted in our day to day lives. Communicating in this way with our family and friends is a vital part of our social and emotional development, especially so for young people and children.

Unfortunately, there are several conditions that make normal vocal communication difficult for many individuals. Dysarthria, an inability to enunciate words due to a physical impairment, dysphasia, a condition that interferes with the process of thoughts being expressed via language and apraxia which is an inability to execute voluntary movements that facilitate speech can all have a profound effect on an individual’s well-being. Some of these disorders can also manifest themselves in swallowing and eating disorders which can also seriously add to the reduction in quality of life for the sufferer.

Fortunately, Correlate Connections a registered NDIS support provider here in Campbelltown, can offer speech therapy – which after a home assessment, will offer a personalised strategy based on the individual difficulties and needs – and this can also be delivered in the home.

No matter what the barrier, our team of dedicated and experienced speech-language pathologists have a proven track record of delivering the results that can alleviate all types of speech, language and swallowing difficulties.

Furthermore, our team can provide appropriate reports to accompany and support a request to the NDIS for new funding or a continuance if you are already on the scheme.

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